"If you're looking for an compelling performance of Deaf poetry or storytelling, look no further. Noah Buchholz is one of the finest rising young performers today, and he can captivate large audicens with his expressiveness and enthusaiasm. His performance headlined Harvard University's first annual Deaf Awareness Week, and provided a great show for college students, community members, and families alike."

West Resendes, Director of Harvard's Committee on Deaf Awareness, Harvard University

"I am privileged to know Noah Buchholz, whose work and achievements have made a lasting and positive impact on our community. The City of Olathe is the proud home of the Kansas School for the Deaf, and we are honored to be named among America's most deaf friendly cities. We are grateful for Noah's many contributions to our city and deaf community and are encouraged by his vision and desire to make our world a better place. Noah's passion for American Sign Language performance and for helping others is truly extraordinary, and those who are fortunate to hear him speak will be greatly inspired by his insight and uplifting message."

Mayor Michael Copeland, City of Olathe, KS

"Noah's 'One Man Show' had the audience rolling in laughter! He put on an extraordinary performance! My personal favorite was his intepretation of 'Jabberowocky.' Noah's workshop, 'How to Lose a Client in Ten Days' was also a huge hit. The students learned so much that will be helpful in their interpreting careers."

Christine Divine, Pikes Peak Community College, CO

"Noah matched the content to the level of our participants. His 'How to Lose a Client in 10 Days' workshop was WONDERFULLY received and all the attendees felt they learned a great deal and had a great time doing it. Perfect balance of educational and hands-on experiences!"

Cassie Coburn Moore, NIC Interpreter Training Program Faculty, Waubonsse Community College, IL

"Noah Buchholz came to southern Illinois for our regional DEAFest and amazed Deaf and hearing viewers with his captivating stories and poems performed in American Sign Language! He developed a wonderful rapport with his audience and we hope to have him come back!!!"

Sheri Cook, Director of Midwest Gallaudet University Regional Center, John A. Logan College, IL

"Noah Buchholz's artistic, humorous, and poigant performance delighted the entire mixed audience at our event. The young children enjoyed his stories. The older audience enjoyed the skits, spoofs, and poems that he shared. If you have a chance to see his performance, please do. You won't regret it."

Paula Willig, Associate Professor, John A. Logan College, IL

"As our featured performer for our biannual Interpreting Conference, Noah was entertaining, captivating, compelling, and delightful. His jokes were original and clever and was undoubtedly the highlight of the weekend."

Kelly Klinedinst, 2010 Biannual Interpreting Conference Chairperson, Bloomsburg University, PA

"ASL and interpreting students, interpreters, and the members of the Deaf community were amazed and inspired by Noah's storytelling and poetry. The students that attended his workshop the next day were energized and motivated by the information Noah presented."

Duane Rumsey, Deaf Studies Co-Chair, Antelope Valley College, CA

"Noah's workshop on working with a CDI is a must. Interpreters as well as students would benefit greatly from this workshop. If you have the opportunity to have him to present in you area, do it. You will walk away glad that you spent the time and money for his workshop."

Frannie Higdon, Michigian Silent Weekend Committee Member, MI

"Noah Buchholz is a fantastic Bible teacher! His depth of understanding of the Jewish culture and festivals, his knowledge about the history of the 1st century church, and his fluency in Hebrew language brought the book of John alive like I have never experienced before! His teachings are interactive; pulling the audience into discussions that allows participants to discover for themselves the richness of the Word. I would recommend Noah as a speaker without reservation."

Carole McClelland, Director, Youth with a Mission Deaf Group


Noah Buchholz

American Sign Language

speaker - performing artist - translator