Noah Buchholz is an American Sign language (ASL) speaker, performing artist, and translator.

Noah grew up in a cross-cultural house: his father is hearing, his mother is Deaf, and all six of his brothers and sisters are either Deaf or hard-of-hearing. He went to both a Deaf school and a public school, and was the only Deaf student at his college. His experiences of growing up in two different worlds, Deaf and hearing, gave him the passion to create ASL literary works to communicate the beauty of Deaf culture and the sturggles of Deaf people, and to educate hearing people about the reality of Deaf culture.

Noah travels nationally and internationally presenting his ASL literary works. His performances include Deaf cultural folktales, original ficition stories and poems, improv, stand-up comedy, and some works that are translated from English to ASL.

Noah has given numerous speeches and keynote addresses to various audiences, both Deaf and hearing. He speaks extensively on the topics of Deaf culture, ASL literature, Deaf ministry, sign language Bible translation, and theology. He also frequently presents workshops for ASL-English interpreters and Deaf community members. He is a Certified Deaf Interpreter and specializes in theatre, platform, and mental health interpreting. He also often interprets in legal and medical settings.

Noah has a lot of experience with ASL-English translation. He served as a consultant on ASL Bible translation team at Deaf Missions for 6 years. He also consulted Romanian Sign Language and Russian Sign Language Bible translation teams. He has worked with theatre interpreters at Steppenwolf Theatre and DePaul Theatre in Chicago.

Noah currently is Lecturer in the Program in Linguistics at Princeton University. Previously, he served as Assistant Professor of ASL and Deaf Studies at Bethel College in Indiana for three years. Noah holds a BA from Wheaton College, where he majored in Ancient Languages and Theology, and MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary.

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Noah Buchholz

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